SUPER III…Mobile?!

Yes, you read that correctly! SUPER III is coming to iOS (and hopefully Android and Windows phone(s)).

What is SUPER III?
For those of you who don’t know, SUPER III is an action-platformer that I began to develop for the indiE3 jam during Spring 2014. It was being developed for console platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One) and the alpha build can be played below:

SUPER III Sample Level


Yes! One of my current projects is SUPER III, redesigned and re-imagined to work within the mobile space. This is an experiment in more ways than one.

1) After the Kickstarter went South, I was left with a bunch of gorgeous assets (pixel art by Hunter Russell) that I wanted to put to good use.

2) I wanted to use the product to pay for the product. I am hoping that SUPER III Mobile can be successful enough to fund the full vision that was initially in place! It would be a dream come true to see SUPER III on both console and hand-held platforms.

3) The mobile space is great for MY personal workflow. I enjoy rapid-iteration development and move quickly from idea to idea. The mobile market allows me to iterate on my content and release the game in chunks as it both grows and evolves.

What is the status of SUPER III Mobile?
I am working on SUPER III Mobile alone, but the amount of progress that I have been making daily has been GREAT. I started the project roughly a week ago and have implemented the control changes/design changes (touch controls changed the gameplay quite a bit), the menus/gameflow systems, and all of the music/sfx. Really all that’s left is a bunch of level design!

Take a look at the quick preview video that I made for SUPER III Mobile:

Stay tuned for more info!


SUPER III…Mobile?!

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