Hello all,

I haven’t posted another installment of “DevLog: Creating a Platformer” in the past few days and I thought that I’d quickly talk about why.

1) The platformer being created through this blog is a commercial project. As you can see, the project is in its early stages (technically, more of a rebuild). Due to this there are quite a few things that need to be ironed out before I can get moving on this full time.

2) I am working on multiple projects right now. I’ll have a lot of cool things to show off in the coming months. Across three commercial projects and one side project.

3) Halloween. It was a ‘holiday’ so things got pretty busy on top of organizing my project workload! I do recommend that devs try to maintain some form of social life outside of dev and dev friends.

Anyway, Happy Halloween to those of you who recognize it! I will probably have another post up late tonight/early tomorrow morning!



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