Solo Game Jam #1

12:09 AM

A few months ago I started doing ‘Solo Game Jams’ during late night tweeting sprees. I realized that my follower count was very proportionate to the number of GIFs that I was tweeting so I came up with a fun way to experiment with ideas and half a constant stream of content.


Tonight is one of those nights. The theme is: OBSCURE SPORTS. I had several ideas today after looking into Jan Willem ‘JW’ Nijman’s tennis game, TENNNES. For those of you who don’t know, JW is one half of the dutch independent studio, Vlambeer.


I’ve narrowed my ideas down to the two that could best incorporate the code base that I’ve been creating in my ‘DevLog: Creating a Platformer’ series of articles.

1) Rugby Massacre
2) Hacky Zack

They’re both odd, but I think Hacky Zack is funny and more interesting, tech-wise.


12:26 AM

Adding some sprites to the basic movement. I’ll probably have to slow down the movement to compensate for the gameplay that I have in mind.

12:54 AM

Working on collision and interactions between the player and the HACKY-ZACK. So far, so good?

2:04 AM

I’m getting tired, but this was super fun to mess with. I think I’ll return to it next time..?


Solo Game Jam #1

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