Advanced Platformer Engine Pt.1

I have mentioned the Game Maker Marketplace in other articles and have shown off a GIF or two from my Rope + Water Physics Platformer Engine.

Many of you have been suggesting that I just make a large “feature-complete” advanced engine that has all of the platformer bells and whistles that you could ask for. Tonight, I started working on that.

Here is my current to-do list. Feel free to suggest additions!

– Basic player movement (idle, run, jump, wall jump/slide, ladder climb)
– Gamepad support
– Pixel perfect collision support
– Slope functionality
– Push/pull blocks
– Moving platforms (horizontal + vertical)
– Springs
– Conveyor belts
– Ice and surfaces with varying friction values
– Switches that trigger events
– Doors connecting rooms
– Room edges that connect rooms
– Camera follows target
– Screenshake
– Spikes, lava, quicksand, and other hazards
– Player death with room fade-in/out
– Sprite skewing and procedural animation example(s)
– Basic transition and particle example(s)

So far, so good


Advanced Platformer Engine Pt.1

5 thoughts on “Advanced Platformer Engine Pt.1

  1. Selerulf says:

    Are you trying to make me abandon the Unity?
    Add a time-freeze and a shooting mechanic and I’m sold.
    Also, would be good “joints functions”.


  2. I’d like to request Mario blocks and enemies and Donkey Kong barrels. It would be good if it could export to html 5 and steam workshop as well (without the extensions) although that might be asking a lot idk. I think devs will pay more money for this engine as it is really saving them a lot. Thanks so much for your help I have been struggling alone for years waiting for an engine like this to use to build my dream projects.


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