Hi all,

I have decided to give a shot. Creating and maintaining this blog has really been a treat for me. The overwhelmingly positive feedback that I have received has certainly had an effect on my productivity. I would LOVE for this to allow me to work on games and Game Maker assets full time and that is why I am turning things over to Patreon.

Patreon is a website that allows users to support content creators in exchange for exclusive content and/or early access to content. On my page I have set it up as follows:

$1+ A special thank you here on zackbellgames

$15+ Access to early builds of HackyZack and future projects

$50+ FREE Game Maker assets as they are created (including the current content after first months payment)

Basically, you will be helping me support myself as I create content as well as pre-ordering the content, in a way. I really appreciate all of the feedback and I hope that this allows me to create even more.

PS – HackyZack got a neat little roll animation.




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