Action-Platformer Engine #1

I’ve decided to break up the engine a bit. The feature list was getting pretty huge and I really want the engine(s) to be affordable. To avoid charging a crazy premium, I thought that I’d just be discrete about the contents of each pack and separate them into segments that can be less expensive.

Anyway, the first installment will be an action-platformer with an emphasis on a complex player object. I want to find a balance between Castlevania, Volgarr, Zelda II, and maybe some Dark Souls influences.



Player object
  Wall Jump
  Wall Slide
  Dodge Roll
  Sword Jab
  Sword Combo
  Aerial Sword attack(s)

Interactive Terrain
  Grass sways
  Grass can be cut
  Grass can be burnt

Enemy Examples


I’ll post more as I work on things. Some of you may have seen this via Twitter, but this is what it looks like currently!


Action-Platformer Engine #1

4 thoughts on “Action-Platformer Engine #1

  1. It works great on Windows, Windows (YYC) and Android which is great But I couldn’t compile to Android (YYC) or Steam Workshop and the grass wasn’t visible on HTML5, No Biggie, I can work around that. Looking forwards to the updates Keep up the good Work 🙂


  2. Recently bought this one.
    Would like to know if you are going to follow up with said features?
    I am mostly happy with what was delivered. In comparison to your coding abilities mine are quite rudimentary. So it was great to delve into the code and learn from it.

    Adding my own animations with (more realistic) humanoid characters worked completely fine as well.

    I am currently modifying it, adding more states etc. But cant help to fall back to my previous tools, probably not up to the level of your code, especially when talking CLIMBING. (as in climbing ledges neither ladders nor double jumps)

    I did hope for a showcase of an enemy (and maybe a combo attack?).
    The combo isnt really that important I am hopefully on the right track when I think of alarms + an extra attacking state(? haha).

    Cheers and thanks for your work!


    1. I certainly plan on releasing more content and adding a lot of the things that you mentioned. My problem right now is time. I was just contracted to work on a ten month game project and will be ridiculously busy for quite some time. If there are patches of down time, updates will pop up here and there. If not, my hands are tied. I will be posting a more detailed update soon.


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