Developing and monetizing your hobbies/passions

Recently, I was on a podcast called, Mr. Pod (watch that HERE). We talked very briefly about what I have done to monetize my passion, personally. Later, I mention that I have a book/E-book in the works and I’d like to discuss that here.

What I want to create is a guide or a blueprint for people who don’t quite fit into the typical, “job” or workforce system. This is for creative people who would prefer to make money doing what they enjoy rather than find a day job.

I will discuss ways to find or create a niche market and how you can become an authority within that community, how to prioritize your workflow and find a way to automate income, and how to attract potential investors and business partners.

To set this up, here is a little background about me: I am 23. I do not have a college degree of any kind (associates, bachelors, or otherwise), I have not had a traditional job or boss, and I have had no prior success or product releases. That being said, I have had stable income since high school and have had two $100,000+ investment deals within the space that I am passionate about.

I will also be interviewing several friends and colleagues who have had similar success with self-made, internet businesses.

More coming soon!


Developing and monetizing your hobbies/passions

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