DevLog: Creating a Platformer Pt.6

Hello all,

it has been awhile. In this portion of the series, things are going to vastly change and I’d like to use this entry to talk about what that means and why.


The game has been fully realized. It is no longer a box that hops around in an empty world. Characters have been developed with personality and motive. The world has become a tangible place. Lastly, a full development team is now involved.

As I get artists and others involved, the project becomes less of a linear, programming marathon. We are at work designing mechanics, enemies, puzzles, and overall game flow.


Also, we are working towards a “first-playable” and our reveal trailer that will hopefully be paired with some form of press release. Due to this, I’m going to be LESS open about what’s happening. The reveal will answer any and all questions within the coming months.

What can I tell you?

Well, not much. Pixel art is out and HD, hand-painted art is in. We may even experiment with paint-overs of 3D models. Within the next few weeks we will be fleshing out the desired art style(s) and resolution. Soon after I will return to posting GIFs and small teasers as to what we’re focussing on.


I will probably start a parallel series of articles that focus on the design of the game. I want to keep this one focussed on the programming aspects of the game because that’s what most of you have come here for previously.

More to come,


DevLog: Creating a Platformer Pt.6

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