Spaceboy Diary #1

Hello everyone,

It has been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything. GDC caused quite a bit of burn out and I have found it difficult to focus on work that isn’t mandatory (assets, tutorials, blog posts, etc). I have decided to start a development diary of sorts. This is a personal thing and meant to help me express my work and my feelings about my work, so if somewhat consistent posts are going to bother you, feel free to unsubscribe! These won’t always be too long or in-depth, I am just trying to start a new routine to better my productivity.

I am working under NDA now. I am incredibly happy to be done with the majority of the *business side* of Spaceboy for the time being (contracts, handshakes, hiring, firing, etc), but it also means that we’re to a point where we can’t just openly talk about and spoil everything that we have cooking. It has made an obvious impact on my work morale. I really enjoy iterating on ideas and throwing GIF after GIF up onto Twitter. I am not able to do that for about another month or so (you have probably noticed).

On the other hand, we have been doing weekly Skype meetings that have been helping quite a bit. It’s interesting working with so many people across so many time zones. Planning our meetings is somewhat of a hassle depending on who all is involved. I am in Seattle, Mym is in Vancouver B.C., Fell is in Brazil, Vince is in Philadelphia, Joonas is in Finland, and Sandy is in Japan. Sandy, Fell, and myself have discussed moving to Vancouver as well within the next year or so. Perhaps we’ll actually have Spaceboy Games offices soon!

Anyway, we are working incredibly quickly on something that we’ll be able to show off soon. I’m excited to see what you all think about it. I’ll try to do a few of these posts a week. The content will vary greatly.

As always, thank you for your patience and support!


Spaceboy Diary #1

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