Spaceboy Diary #2

Hi friends!

Tonight was…hectic, to say the least. Last night I went to see Lamb of God play in Seattle, so I felt that I should pull long hours tonight! Some times when I’ve been working on something for quite awhile I’ll lose sight of why it originally had charm. I stumbled upon an old prototype of what I’m currently working on and it had a bunch of little details that made it look, feel, and play super well; even prior to having any of Sandy’s assets (his art assets, people). I spent quite a bit of time integrating a bunch of little polish elements into the current iteration of the project. It was really fun and quite relaxing, to be honest. I was essentially just cleaning up code, refactoring, copy+pasting, and testing a bunch of new areas all evening.

This game is definitely a game “for me”. As in, it’s a game of my design and was designed because it is something that I think that I would enjoy. That is both a blessing and a curse. It both worries and excites me! I get to bring something to the world that I enjoy, but I have to remember that everyone else may not want or enjoy what I want and enjoy. It’s a difficult thing to swallow when you’re really into a project. I often wonder how much I should worry about who my audience is and how many people I can (and could be) building this for. INK was kind of the same way. I built it because I had time restraints and because of that I just made what I know: hard as balls platformers. Anyway, I’m really curious what people will think of all of my recent work and I’m excited to show it off soon.

Overall, I’m feeling good. At least work-wise. I’m a bit on edge about other things right now so I’m really trying to pour myself into my work. Hopefully the team feels that it is showing. A lot more work planned for tomorrow! And testing soon! Maybe we’ll need you?


Spaceboy Diary #2

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