Spaceboy Diary #3

It’s a bit early to be making a post today, but I had a very productive night and I thought that I’d comment on it. After writing last night’s entry, I actually kept working throughout the night. I just had great momentum and wasn’t really feeling burnt out. However, I did take a break from what I was initially doing and instead lied down with my notebook.

I ended up planning a lot of tutorial stuff that we will need. Tutorials are often frowned upon and it is very important to me that we teach the player a bunch of things without explicitly yelling instructions at them. I came up with eight or nine things that we need to show the player and I tried to cram as many of those concepts as I could into as little space as possible. I took a lot of inspiration from games like Super Meat Boy, 1001 Spikes, and Megaman X. They all have tutorials where they force you to discover mechanics within a safe environment, then repeat those moments, but with more urgency.

From there I was just inspired to think creatively. I came up with a bunch of new mechanics that mesh really well with what we currently have while simultaneously solve some design issues caused by earlier decisions. I think Miyamoto said something along the lines of “a great idea solves multiple problems at the same time” and these mechanics really seemed to fit that mold.

Anyway, I’m about to sit down to test these things and move forward! Hope you all have an amazing day!


Spaceboy Diary #3

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