Spaceboy Diary #5

Good evening (it’s 3AM here),

Today was an incredibly productive day for me. I feel like I’ve really gotten my groove back lately. I’m not sure if my current work is a great change of pace for me or if I have less distractions going on, but I’ve been working productively for much longer periods than usual.

This period of Spaceboy secrecy is coming to a close. Most of my milestone work is done and I will be wrapping up what’s left tomorrow. I’m thinking that sometime next week I will be able to stream and work more openly again. I also started a shader tutorial series, for those who have yet to see part one. I’d like to do one entry every week or two, but we’ll see!

I received a bunch of new music demos from Vince tonight (it had to have been 4-5AM for him) and I’m super excited to sit down with him tomorrow and talk about the direction of the audio design and OST for this game. With INK I simply trusted his judgement and his first pass is what we shipped. This time he is giving me a few vibes and directions and we’ll kind of pick and choose where we want to take things from here. Joonas is on vacation, but he will be back very soon to incorporate our ideas and mood into some sound effects, as well.

More coming soon!




Spaceboy Diary #5

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