Spaceboy Diary #6

Hello, everyone!

As a lot of you probably know, I’ve been having a pretty busy summer. I thought that I’d write a quickie update for all of you before I head to the gym (it’s 2:00AM and leg day *womp womp*). Anyway, status report:


Ok, so HackyZack was a small project that we decided to take on over the summer for several reasons that I stated here. It’s going well and for the most part, as planned. As usual, things got…slightly larger than originally anticipated, but we’re on schedule. We added some extra playable characters and a break-the-targets mode that will extend the amount of content by quite a bit.


The content for HackyZack is wrapping up nicely and we are left with some audio tweaking and balancing, some menu work, and Steam API integration (achievements, leader boards, etc). That being said, I’ve decided to put a lot of that onto Alejandro’s plate. He tore through a ton of level design for the new game mode and that will free up some of my time to focus on our next topic: Fara.

Fara & The Eye of Darkness

As I stated before, I never really wanted to shelve Fara, long-term. However, the time away was very, very good for us and the project. Indies without financial backing and with crunched timelines aren’t given a lot of time to think. We have (and had) tons of good ideas, but I feel like it becomes a bad habit to hop on every *first* good idea. You are presented with problems and you tackle it with the first sensible solution so that you can move onto the next problem. Three months of HackyZack gave us a lot of clarity and I believe that it has made Fara a much better, richer experience. The overall game flow has changed, the combat has changed, the pacing has changed, and so much more. I’m really excited about where a lot of the plot, lore, and character development ideas are going. I can’t really reveal much more today, but I just thought that I’d check in since today (technically yesterday) was Spaceboy Games’ one-year anniversary. Time flies.


Again, thank you so much for your continued support and for all of your patience! We are learning and we are growing every day. I will be at PAX West next weekend if anybody wants to meet up and hangout. I am there as an exhibitor, so I will be busy, but I would love to meet as many of you as I can and of course, see old friends.

Have an amazing week <3,


Spaceboy Diary #6

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