Spaceboy Games is now a Publisher for Devs, by Devs

Hello everyone!

Here at Spaceboy Games we are constantly playing with new approaches to our job as an independent studio. We have ideas regarding a plethora of topics including pc/console gaming , monetization strategies, conference talks/prep, and most recently, a way to give back and share our experience with other developers. Along with my fellow team members, we are happy to announce that Spaceboy Games will now be publishing games, as well as developing them in-house.

Below, I will detail what that means for us and what that means for YOU, our potential partner(s). First, we would like to show you the first game to be published under the Spaceboy Games umbrella. Take a look at High Noon Revolver, by Mike Studios!

The Beginning of a New Chapter


High Noon Revolver is a 2D side-scrolling action game about shooting your way through waves of enemies in a three-tier platforming environment. You play as one of several western-themed characters (including a cameo from one of our Spaceboy Games projects) and have the opportunity to purchase an upgrade from a list of random cards after each section of each act. The game is difficult, fast-paced, and fun! We are excited to work with Mike and his partner to bring this project to as many players as possible.


This is our first round of publishing so we are keeping our lips sealed until we are confident about our marketing strategies, release window, etc. What I can say is that High Noon Revolver will be coming to PC, Mac, and Linux (and potentially more) very soon! The game is done aside from some audio assets, polish, and extra testing. We look forward to getting this game onto Steam and into your hands, as soon as possible!

Publishing with Spaceboy Games

It is my goal to make Spaceboy Games Publishing exactly what you need, as developers. We are working developers ourselves (and have sought out publishers, as well) and we hope that our experiences can help you avoid our previous mistakes and maximize your potential audience, sales, product quality, etc.

By default, we want to be available as a light-weight option. We don’t want your IP, we don’t want your game to become a Spaceboy Games project, and we don’t need the ‘standard’ 30% publishing cut to function. We will offer an array of benefits at various price points and will work with you to establish the best  publishing package for your team/product. For a lot of developers, they just want to skip a lot of the busy work that can often seem ambiguous as far as telling how successful you are performing (PR, marketing, and so on). Other teams might need development assistance (we are supplying High Noon Revolver with sound effects and an entire OST) and/or funding.

If you would like to talk to me about your project and a potential partnership with our team, please contact me at,, or via Twitter (@ZackBellGames). Please be aware that we are already getting quite a few offers and do not have the team size or cash flow to please everyone (we are working on how to amend this). Please describe the game and it’s unique selling points, attach a mockup of what you imagine as the final visual style, and preferably a playable prototype. We look forward to hearing from you!

I will leave you with a small gameplay trailer for High Noon Revolver!

As always, we greatly appreciate all of your love and support. We are pumped to show you what we have been working on, as well as do our best to make your development experience as smooth as ours have been.

Thank you,

Spaceboy Games is now a Publisher for Devs, by Devs

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