ZackBellGains #1

Hello world,

I hope that you are making the most of your day! Recently, I have had this itch to make big moves, open doors, and tackle opportunities that come my way. So much so that I feel like the journey is worth documenting. Since the development of INK in 2015, I have stuck to a brand built upon accessibility and transparency. I’d like to take this year to really stretch that concept and record my daily routine. I hope that this will be even the slightest bit interesting and/or inspiring for a few of you, but at the very least, it is great for my self-awareness. With that being said, welcome to ZackBellGains: a blog about my life, my business(es), my goals, and my growth.

I am going to back up a bit here and fill you in on the last month or so. On March 28, as Spaceboy Games, we launched our first commercial product, HackyZack. Our team partnered with the great people at Humble Bundle to distribute HackyZack on Steam and the Humble Store. Within two weeks of launch, I announced my sporadic relocation from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA. I had no plans, no lease, and essentially just picked a date, grabbed some clothes, and drove twenty hours south.

I have been living in southern California for ten days now, bouncing between cheap hotels, juggling Spaceboy Games with an additional startup, and feeling out where I want to be headed with all of this. For the time being, I am creating an educational platform for aspiring game developers from the second floor of the Respawn Entertainment building (Titanfall, Star Wars, etc) in Chatsworth, CA. It is 5:00AM and I have been sitting at my PC since about 6:00PM last night. I suppose you could say that I am homeless until 9:00AM when the apartment complex opens and allows me to finally move in. It turns out that finding an affordable room on a whim is somewhat of a chore. Who knew?

I am going to be making a lot of changes, working very hard, hitting several roadblocks, and floundering to successfully pivot along the way. Feel free to follow along, subscribe, ask me questions, and so on. I am an open book and incredibly excited about what the next few months may hold.

Until tomorrow,

ZackBellGains #1

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