ZackBellGains #6

Hello world,

I hope that you are making the most of your day! Today was my first official day with what I am considering a completely full work load. That means one in-house game, contract work on a game, a ‘job’ working on my startup, and a non-gamedev contract gig. I haven’t quite started that last one, but overall, things are pretty cramped, crowded, and chaotic! I am not including this blog and my work over on Patreon.

Today I focused on two things, for the most part. I worked on an in-house prototype for what might become the next, smaller Spaceboy Games project, while my assistant worked on my startup business. We have a lot of busy work to do; non-technical work that just requires raw time in front of the computer. I am having my assistant bust out a lot of that while I am working on code, then later in the day I join him on that side of things and answer any questions that he may have ran into. It’s 1:00AM and we are both going strong. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long night! I haven’t enjoyed one of those in awhile.

I will keep this short because I am in a groove with lots to do. Keep your questions, suggestions, and whatever else that you have to say coming my way! I hear you and I am liking the back and forth.

Until tomorrow,

ZackBellGains #6

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