ZackBellGains #7

Hello world,

I hope that you are making the most of your day! It’s funny because yesterday I tweeted that I would be wrapping up a week’s worth of daily blog entries last night, then I completely spaced and broke the habit. Oops! However, I did begin two new ventures last night that I figured that I would share.

  1. I updated my resume. Ok, it was more like my first actual resume. To be honest, I have never had a job. Over the last ten years (I am twenty-six), I have either privately taught drum lessons, played drums, worked on game contracts, sold game assets, and ran my own game studio. I have never applied for a job. Now that I have successfully shipped a few titles, AAA games studios are reaching out to me with work, so I figured that having a resume was a good idea! I talked to a few people about a job that I might not be able to turn down. Perhaps more to come on this topic very soon…?!
  2. I began teaching myself HTML and CSS. I want to have the ability to create, modify, and maintain my own websites/pages. WordPress is great and it is very simple, but I can feel that with this blog and the other articles series that I am interested in that this page will get very cluttered and difficult to navigate very soon. I am going to spend an hour or so each night going through the free content on Codecademy. When I complete that I will pick up a book or two and continue to tinker on my own. If I can muster the energy, perhaps I will blog my progression and learning of these topics, as well.

Thank you to everyone who reads these, follows me on Twitter, and supports my journey. I have a lot going on right now and I couldn’t do it without that emotional safety net. It is Ludem Dare weekend AGAIN and I have still yet to participate. I have way too much going on elsewhere. Tonight I plan on finishing up a demo of the potential Frog Sord revival project and then work on HTML/CSS stuff until I get tired.

Until tomorrow,

ZackBellGains #7

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