Like every new developer, I have made a seemingly uncountable number of mistakes. I have had bad ideas that I felt were great at the time and I have failed to deliver on truly inventive projects due to a lack of discipline, improper financial planning, and chaos derived from the unknown variables of everyday life. I got the privilege to write this book about my first commercial video game, INK, which I launched on PC, Mac, and Linux back in August of 2015. INK was successful beyond my wildest expectations, and this book is certainly about that and about what I think that you might take away from my journey, but I also need to warn you that it wasn’t my first rodeo either; not even close. Before the ideas that compose this game were even a seed in my mind, I had attended and dropped out of three universities, accepted a $100,000 loan in exchange for 60% of my first business, fallen flat on my face working to retain that opportunity, had quit the games industry completely, moved to California to pursue my other dreams, and lived through the ups and downs of two, very impactful relationships. For whatever reason though, I ended up back at home, was blessed with a specific set of variables, and signed up to give this thing one last shot. ”

I am working. I know that it might seem that I am completely absent, but I am working. There is more to come. Thank you.



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