Back From Nowhere

Hello, everyone – I am back, but as the title suggests, I never really left!

I am not quite sure when I last posted here, but I can presume that it was upwards of two months ago, as I took 5-6 weeks away from Twitter and it has been a few weeks since I ended that hiatus. When we last spoke, I was writing a book about the 2015 development process of my first commercial project, INK. Things with Spaceboy Games had been falling apart, and the friends who were once my team, had moved onto new endeavors. I was down and a bit sporadic, but I was healing and the creative difference of being an aspiring author was very therapeutic. I am not going to take the time to dig through the details of how all of that is going, when you can read about INK, etc. I am going to fast-forward to now because now is very different.

I have decided to plow through a sequel to INK – yes, INK 2. My last game, HackyZack, was published by Humble. Humble, a private games charity with a positive reputation for being a big part of the indie games community, was acquired by media giant, IGN, today. That is important news, to say the least. All of us publishing partners reached out to Humble today after we received a joint email, explaining the merger. As you can guess, everyone who has yet to release their titles, exclaimed their concern(s). We are told that Humble will remain independent, and that aside from ownership, nothing will change at Humble. The public has already begin to lash out via the Twitterverse, and I am doing my best to remain transparent and to share information as it becomes readily available to me. In short, I had planned to continue my relationship with Humble by allowing them to publish INK 2, as well. I stand by that decision today, but nothing has been signed yet and the wheels of change are in motion. I am scared, but I trust my partners at Humble. I trust John Polson. I trust Bob Mills. I trust the rest of the people at Humble who I have come to know through business and through friendship. That is all that I can say tonight.

I have announced #Dev365 both officially, and through the rumor mill, obscure hints, and word of mouth. My plan is to publish tutorials and blog content for aspiring devs everyday throughout the year of 2018. If you have wondered where I have been or why my production of GIF content has slowed down to nothing, this is your answer. I have been backlogging content for #Dev365. I have been aiming for 90 days worth of content prior to my January 1st launch date. I figured that with 90 days of material, I could skip every other day, take a weekend or two off, and then double up on other weekends while still making ends meet. I have design articles, theory and business articles, and a mass amount of GameMaker demos that can take any beginner from zero to releasing a game on Steam in no time. I want to fill in the gaps and give away all of my secrets. I want to be the one-stop shop for all things games education. Coming soon. I appreciate your love and your patience.

Thank you,

Back From Nowhere

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